Advice for (Co-) Owners

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In the outer boundaries of our Area Radius we are able to advise you with respect to the affected property foreclosure.

  • Insofar as is reasonable, we can provide advice, in the attempt to avert the foreclosure (possibly even in the auction date itself).
  • At your request, we will hold talks with the creditors and mediate between the parties.
  • If a foreclosure is no longer avoidable, we can assist in the systematic promozion of the property.

The cost for a consultation is offered on an hourly basis (59,- € plus VAT, disbursements and expenses). The arrival and departure times to the objects and the extent of the advices desired by the customer are quite different. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us so we can tailor make an offer.

Take the advantage of our Callback Service.

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Office Ostfriesland:
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fax +49.4931-98367-15

Office OWL / Paderborn:
telefon +49.5254-8209005

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