Consulting regarding auctions

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Regardless of whether you are the owner, a co-owner, a creditor, a tenant or a potential bidder, we will advise you mainly in economic issues regarding to the auction.

What´s absolutely necessary, what should be done, what you better don´t do and to whom you have to talk to (possibly with our support) should be clarified in each specific case. We also clarify whether you should take a lawyer, because we do - not - offer legal advice by ourselves. On request we are assisting you in the selection of a suitable lawyer.

Please select from below, for whom an advice is wanted:

Please note:
We emphasize that it is not part of our services to represent you in an auction process as an authorized person. And we take it for granted that we will generally operate for only one of these parties.

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Office OWL / Paderborn:
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